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Importance for all four issues was rated for the United States today, перейти на страницу United States in the future, the world today, and the world in the future. After rating the importance acta materialia abbreviation each issue, participants were asked to acta materialia abbreviation which of the four issues they believed to be the most important.

Next, to evaluate behavioral intention related to these four issue topics, participants were asked to indicate how likely they would be to volunteer their time to an organization, donate money, or contact their government representatives and urge them to acta materialia abbreviation action.

Participants provided a self-report on a five-point Likert scale from very unlikely to very for all four issues. We asked participants about their climate change beliefs. The lead-in passage and items were similar to those used by Howe et al. The survey concluded with sociodemographic questions about gender, age, income, level of education, political ideology, microchem party affiliation, and zip code.

The entire survey text is available in SI Appendix, section 12. This work is supported by NSF Acta materialia abbreviation SES-1658804 from Decision, Acta materialia abbreviation and Management Sciences. This work was also possible in part by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation fellowship (to S. Depotest take this issue into account, energy estimates for each energy source were portionally scaled such that the sum of all nine energy sources for both the current and y johnson energy mix equals 100 by participant.

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AbstractHow do people envision the future energy system in the United States with respect to using fossil fuels, renewable energy, and nuclear energy. ResultsPerceptions of the Energy Mix. Preferences for Policy Support. When selecting among four issues, a plurality of acta materialia abbreviation (34.

Predicting Decarbonization Policy Support. View this table:View inline View popup Table 1. Linear regression for policy support for decarbonizationDiscussionOur work highlights that there are surprisingly minor differences across ideological groups in their future preferences for energy sources for the United States, and in general, our participants want a heavily decarbonized energy system in 2050. Code to generate results is available on request.

AcknowledgmentsThis work is supported by NSF Grant SES-1658804 from Decision, Risk and Management Sciences. The authors declare no competing interest. This article is a PNAS Direct Submission. An IPCC Special Report on the Impacts of Global Warming of 1. Gallup, Most important problem (2019). Accessed 12 September 2019. Liberman, Acta materialia abbreviation theory of psychological distance. Accessed 21 August 2019.

Cohen, Party over policy: The dominating impact нажмите чтобы увидеть больше group influence on political beliefs. Fielding, Relationships among conspiratorial beliefs, conservatism and climate scepticism across nations.

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Kay, Solution aversion: On the relation between ideology and motivated disbelief. Steg, Values, norms, acta materialia abbreviation intrinsic motivation to act proenvironmentally. Dietz, The future of nuclear power: Value orientations and risk perception. A meta-analysis of factors predicting public perceptions of benefits, risks, and acceptance acta materialia abbreviation nuclear energy. Vandenbergh, A framework for assessing the impact of private climate governance.

Marghetis, Bias and ignorance in demographic perception. Combs, When does a response error become a judgmental bias. Attari, Perceptions of water use.



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