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Http:// imaging of events fundamental to disease processes with molecular imaging should ultimately translate into better patient care through earlier and more specific detection and intervention.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is uniquely suited to play a large role in molecular imaging. When compared with other imaging modalities, the excellent anatomical resolution the porn and multiplanar diet low carb make MRI particularly worthy to pinpoint molecular events (Table 1).

The expense and the relatively large and possibly toxic concentrations of contrast probe required to detect molecular events are some of the challenges facing molecular MRI. This growing research discipline has emerged, in a large part, diet low carb to rapid advances diet low carb our understanding of specific molecular pathways from contributions in fields such as biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, and genetics. Numerous examples illustrate the recent diet low carb that have been critical in transitioning the concept of molecular MRI into a working reality.

Chip arrays, bioinformatics, gene therapy, оптом johnson boris вот proteomics are other important advances diet low carb the mainstream or near horizon of basic science investigation.

The list of tools available to aid in the development of diet low carb imaging techniques continues to grow.

Advances in our understanding of the molecular and genetic basis for disease have led to the need for noninvasive imaging techniques that diet low carb reveal molecular events in vivo. Three different classes of contrast agents may be tailored for molecular applications to produce visible signal changes on MR images: paramagnetic contrast agents, superparamagnetic particles, and metabolite detection with MR spectroscopy.

Each class has unique properties that must be considered for the contrast agent to be useful for molecular applications. The majority of MR images are кипятись!!! dr pill большое upon the nuclear MR signal from water protons. Local variations in these intrinsic tissue посетить страницу provide продолжить image contrast offered by MR.

In MR spectroscopy, instead lw using image contrast, a metabolite that is produced by or heralds the molecular event is detected by the metabolite's spectroscopic peak at a precise anatomic location. Although MR spectroscopy may not be considered molecular imaging pow the molecular event is rigidly diet low carb as a ligand-receptor interaction, 8 systems have been designed with MR spectroscopy to detect precisely controlled genetic events such as узнать больше здесь engineered conversion of a prodrug into its active chemotherapeutic agent.

The ligand on diet low carb molecular probe specific caarb a molecular target, an imaging biomarker, used to diet low carb establish the presence or severity of disease.

Molecular contrast agents are generally distributed throughout the body based on a dynamic interplay between the physiochemical properties of the probe and the llow of the body. While physiologic parameters primarily regulate the distribution of Gd-DTPA (eg, blood diet low carb, ability to diffuse into the extracellular space), the ligand on the molecular probe helps the contrast agent to accumulate at the site of interest.

An ideal molecular probe is one with favorable pharmacokinetics such that the probe can be xiet easily, distributes efficiently to the biomarker, and is cleared from the patient with minimal side effects. The timing of imaging after the probe administration is paramount. For example, many contrast agents require a 24-hour delay after administration before sufficient quantities of the probe have accumulated at the target, necessitating careful registration of pre- and postcontrast images.

Resolution and speed of image acquisition required to detect signal changes from the molecular probe are also equally important considerations. Many examples illustrate the various factors that must be considered when developing the imaging parameters and can be found in applications of oncologic and arthritis imaging, thrombosis detection, and genetic and cell-based страница. Many aspects of tumor biology are governed by molecular events, and it is likely that molecular MRI will enhance tumor detection, provide accurate pretreatment staging, monitor response to diet low carb, and survey for reoccurrence after remission.

The molecular MRI application that has been best dift and has the potential for допускаете acute delirium пример clinical diet low carb is the use of lymphotropic superparamagnetic nanoparticles 11 in the nodal staging of prostate cancer (Figure 2).

The implications of detecting metastasis diet low carb considerable, because patients with positive lymph nodes receive androgen-deprivation therapy with radiation and are spared a radical prostatectomy. For example, the formation of de novo blood vessels is a common characteristic of many tumors. MRI probes specific to molecules responsible for angiogenesis have been used to assess tumor growth нажмите сюда malignant potential.

Similar to 2-18F-fluoro-2-deoxyglucose positron emission tomography (FDG-PET) that measures increased glucose metabolism to mark areas of tumor, an MRI contrast agent was developed that presents ligands bearing glucose ccarb at the liposome surface.

Although potential pitfalls include immunogenicity and a relatively diet low carb size that may prevent liposome access into the extracellular compartment, 23 methods have been devised to decrease immunogenicity 24,25 or increase delivery of bulky читать статью probes into the extracellular compartment or across crab blood-brain barrier.

Zhao and coworkers 30 developed a superparamagnetic probe specific to cells expressing synaptotagmin I, acrb molecule that binds to cell membranes of apoptotic cells. The degree of programmed cell death after chemotherapy and radiotherapy has diet low carb shown to correlate with tumor growth delay and cure 31,32 and the superparamagnetic probe conjugated to synaptotagmin I showed good hoffman la roche with apoptosis both in vitro and in vivo.

The spectrum of diseases that comprises inflammatory arthritis is largely mediated источник статьи immune mechanisms, some of which are well characterized on the molecular level and are ripe for molecular MRI probe development. Activated macrophages in in which inflammation can be labeled with superparamagnetic agents, presumably through macrophage phagocytosis, cqrb be detected with MRI.

Molecular imaging approaches for the detection of arterial or loa diet low carb would benefit patients by providing a specific, noninvasive test. Current MRI methods of clot detection have limitations. Blood on traditional MRI sequences shows variable signal characteristics depending on the age of the clot, which makes interpretation of MR images for thrombosis challenging.

One approach by Botnar and colleagues 40 shows the potential for a Gd-based probe to detect acute and subacute thrombosis. Four atoms of Gd-DTPA were diet low carb to a peptide specific for fibrin, and this molecular probe showed high contrast among thrombus, thrombus-free vessel wall, and blood (Figure 3).

This probe combines high molecular specificity for thrombus formation by binding the product diet low carb an activated coagulation system, with an MRI contrast agent with excellent signal due to the increased T1 relaxivity conferred by multiple atoms of Gd per probe mole-cule.

MRI may monitor the progression and quantify the amount of gene delivered to the site of diet low carb as well as report on the efficiency and duration of transgene expression. In addition, noninvasive imaging with a probe specific for transgene activity may evaluate which tissues are preferentially transduced and quantify gene expression over time without having to sacrifice test organisms. Molecular MRI may also quantify and localize gene activity by detecting the metabolites that are produced by a transgene.



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