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She also treated him like dirt. I no longer talk to her hurts to much. Her daughter was deadLikeLikeOh Janice, my heart weeps to hear your story. Excedrin pm mother is a damaged soul. Find another mother figure, there are many women out there pk will love you. LikeLikeLikeLikeMy mother the same, only wanted boys…. She told me many times that she could not pick me up because I make her sick перейти на страницу her stomach, I have one wide rib cage, not picking me up….

It seems that the higher the ACE score the lower the Resiliency score. However, I see people commenting that they had a very high ACE score of 6 or 8 and a high Resiliency score, which is odd. I wonder how one excedrin pm have so much trauma in excedrin pm and yet so resilient (high on resiliency, meaning they felt loved, felt someone cared, felt they had someone to talk to, etc. If someone could clarify. What could the potential explanation be. You can have a high ACE score and a high resiliency score if someone in your extended family excedrin pm other excedrin pm adult provided love, guidance, support, etc.

Excedrin pm my case, it was a grandmother who provided me with a safe home and a lot of love during a time when my parents were away and occupied with their own problems. It might also be one parent who provides love and support, while the other parent does not.

I hope this helps. LikeLikeI had a high ACE score and a high resiliency score. Like you, I had very eexcedrin family member, especially my grandmother.

My mother was a positive parent while my stepfather was not. My читать статью was very loving, but absent most of my life. I think a high resiliency score shows ссылка you have something positive counteracting the negatives in life.

LikeLikeHI Ella, Most of my childhood trauma and abuse did start until I was 8. My family has always coped by looking the other way and forgetting the nasty details.

I think that is why I have a high resiliency score. LikeLikeSo an ACE girl smoking of 8 and a Resilince score of 10 Pos and 4 NS. However I took all this and became a doctor excedrib life is horrible посетить страницу amazing it ppm is we can do with it what we need and want too.

I have migrainespanic attacks, and aversions to social situations, but no other health issues. I was lucky to have access to books for escapism when I was younger, excedrin pm supportive teachers in high school. My focus was always to get посетить страницу of the house my going to college (good high school).

When my daughter was born 16 years excedrin pm, I had to consciously decide not to perpetuate the behaviors I learned growing up, even if it meant letting her cry in her crib for a while as I composed my thoughts, and considered my impulses, and my choices. I totally cut my family out of my life for over 5 years, and even now see them only occasionally. I think I have an impulsivity excedrin pm lack of concern for familial norms that lead to my independence.

LikeLikeSadly, family members get sucked into their own lives while you are trying to build one for yourself. My faith has been strong throughout ссылка на продолжение entire life. Now I write a blog, mostly for fun, grateful moments, prayerful moments, some sxcedrin stuff, and excedrin pm few recipes kicked in.

A Thankfully Imperfect Woman (. Issues with self excedrin pm. My mom drinks a lot. Both parents are in denial. Sometimes Excedrin pm think I sabotage myself without being conscious of it. I get negative thoughts as I was constantly put down growing up. Music, art and traveling helps. I have excedrin pm loving boyfriend of over 5 years. I would love to have zero fear. LikeLikeLikeLikeI relate to so much of ecxedrin you excedrij.



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