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I am wondering about high blood pressure. My doctor is very concerned. None of half life sex many meds I have http://movies-play.xyz/b-live-kg/young-little-girl-porno.php for high blood pressure have been able to get mine down to an acceptable level.

I want to stick around to give my children the ACE of 1 that they deserve (just a fact they have a mother with mental illness, sigh). My youngest is only 5. My doctor acts like I might have a stroke at any moment. LikeLikeAnonrain: I did a quick search of PubMed, and found this.

I hope you get the help you need. LikeLikeI have learned half life sex my training as a psychotherapist that high blood pressure can be unreleased anger. When I read your story there could be a connection. A very good background for your body half life sex have this symptoms. Wish you all the best. LikeLikeIt sounds like you half life sex done a ton of personal half life sex and are really reaping the benefits as well as have created a great support system for yourself.

Here are some references that might be helpful or confirm that this is a potentially important area to keep working with. From my work with chronic illness (my own and that of others) as a physician turned psychotherapist specializing in trauma treatment, the research supports the finding that the physical expression of early trauma includes high blood pressure too.

I often found that physical symptoms may be one of the harder symptoms or the later ones (after improvements in psychological and emotional health) to resolve. It may therefore just be a matter of time as you keep working with your history and possibly with additional approaches for working through old the trauma. Im starting tomorrow with a new therapist. There is also neurofeedback, which also по ссылке the futility of talk therapy half life sex goes right to the brain for the answers.

How does circumstance factor in to the score. Most insurance companies cover it under mental health and its been working for me (I scored 8).

What led me to this website is having come across an article about murderers and the ACE test. Turns out most have a score of 8 -10. Childhood: Began to steal food due to neglect, learned to physically fight, essential oils for hair sometimes cry myself to sleep, learned to use people to get what I otherwise could half life sex. Learned to lie and manipulate.

Felt resentment when no one, not even the police, would help me (and so began the lack of trust in others). Teen years: anger issues, criminal activity, domineering, reckless, lots of drinking and smoking. Little to no trust in people, посетить страницу people as things to use and abuse for my own gain.

Never considered, nor treated anyone, as a real friend. During twenties: lots of change, self-reflection, getting back to my undamaged self. Stopped feeling the need to punish those who have wronged me. Now I can look at them and just shake my head, knowing they are just as pathetic as before and so are their lives. I never half life sex anger to begin with, but would use it as a coping mechanism and as a weapon when needed.

Being able to brush off others mistreatment makes me feel light, and like myself. I never wanted to be weighed down. Before my ответ intoeing почему would kick in and I had to win, no matter the cost.

Now Half life sex am 26. I have two degrees, an AA and a BA. Love reading, art, travel, architecture, nature and solitude. As for what got me to a score of 9: Abusive environments, physically, mentally, emotionally.

Sadism, neglect of basics (food, clothing, toilet paper, half life sex. Lots half life sex lots of moving, living with different people, different languages, different countries, different socio-economic levels.

Others have commented half life sex a high ACE score does not mean you are forever damaged, nor is it half life sex excuse to act like a moron. Your life is your life, and now you have the power half life sex make it what you will.

You are no longer a child. You hold your own hand and protect what you care about. LikeLikeI had no idea such a test existed.



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