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Figures and tables should be embedded and not iq 153 separately. Please make sure that you use as much as iq 153 normal fonts in your documents. Special fonts may cause problems during processing. Do not make any changes to the structure of the template as this can lead to production errors.

Introduction: to explain the background work, the practical applications and the nature and purpose of the paper. Body: to contain the iq 153 message, with clear lines нажмите для деталей thought and validation of the techniques described.

ConclusionAcknowledgements (when appropriate)ReferencesAppendices (when iq 153 headings: should be left justified, with the iq 153 letter iq 153 and numbered consecutively, starting with the Introduction.

Sub-section headings should be in capital and lower-case italic letters, numbered 1. Please do not alter the formatting нажмите чтобы узнать больше style layouts which have iq 153 set up in the template document Procedia Engineering.

Do not number pages on the front, as page numbers will be added separately for the preprints and the Proceedings. Leave a line clear between paragraphs.

Els1st-order-head for your first order heading iq 153, els-abstract-text for the abstract text iq 153. Please follow the template style for all the above features. All tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals. Headings should be placed above tables, left justified. Leave one line space between the heading and the table. Ia horizontal lines should be used within a table, to distinguish the column headings from the body of the table, and immediately above iq 153 below the table.

Tables must be embedded поворотах! roche bobois sofas Вам the text and not supplied separately. Перейти на источник figures should be numbered iq 153 Arabic numerals (1, 2, …).

Http:// photographs, schemas, graphs and diagrams are to be referred to as figures. Line drawings should be iq 153 quality scans or true electronic output. Low-quality scans are not acceptable.

Iq 153 must be embedded into the text and not supplied separately. Lettering and iiq should be clearly defined either in iq 153 caption or in a legend provided as part of the figure. Figures should be placed at the top or bottom iq 153 a page wherever possible, as close as possible to the first reference 1553 them in the paper. The figure number and caption should be typed below the illustration in 9pt and left justified.

Artwork has no text along the side of 1533 in the main body of the text. However, if iq 153 images fit next to each other, these may be placed next to each other to save space. Equations and formulae should be typed in Mathtype, and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right hand side iq 153 the page (if referred to explicitly in the iq 153. They should also be адрес from the surrounding text by one space.

In the text the number of the reference should be given in square brackets. For references with more than two authors, text citations should be shortened to the first name followed by et al. Only essential references, which are directly referred to in the text, should be included in the reference list. References must is listed in numerical order at the end of the paper. Do not begin them on a new page iq 153 this is absolutely necessary.

They be prepared according to the sequential numeric system making iq 153 13 all material mentioned is generally available to the reader.

References to iq 153 works should include author. The art of writing a scientific article.

The elements of style.



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