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Johnson d the years, guidelines have been produced johnson d the major areas which cause problems with aeromedical certification, namely neurology, cardiology and diabetes.

A copy of these guidelines is available in this Handbook. In your role as a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME), you are usually the only person who physically examines the pilot or ATC and makes a recommendation for medical certification.

You are therefore the most important link in the chain of safety in the medical certification process. Recent changes in the medical certification process, johnson d delegation of validation authority to the examiner have not resulted in increasing the exposure to litigation, and will therefore not result in increases to malpractice insurance premiums for CAMEs. Accompanying this book is a video outlining the детальнее на этой странице that have taken place in the medical certification process, and showing you how to complete the Medical Examination Report form (26-0010) completely.

The medical handbook part johnson d this document is not a text on aviation medicine, it is merely an introduction to the subject and covers the basic facts that you must have to understand the medical problems associated with flight.

It will help you deal with many of the questions you may be asked and hopefully will encourage you to further johnson d the subject. More detailed information johnson d the subject of aviation medicine can be obtained from the following books:Aviation Medicine - J.

Rainford, Third Edition (1999), Butterworth - Heinemann. Fundamentals of Aerospace Medicine - R. Davis, Third Edition (2002), Williams and Wilkins. Clinical Aviation Medicine - R. Raymond, Third Johnson d (2000), Castle Connolly Graduate Medical Publishing, LLC. Civil Aviation Medicine Branch has developed an Internet website which will be used more and more for the dissemination of information between the Branch and CAMEs.

Those of you who johnson d Internet access are welcome to browse the website and submit your comments. The Director of Civil Aviation Medicine reports johnson d the Director General of Civil Aviation. CAM Headquarters is located in the Transport Canada Building, 330 Sparks Street, Tower "C", Place de Ville, Ottawa, K1A 0N8.

The mission is to ensure aircrew and air traffic controllers are medically fit, to close gaps in scientific knowledge of Canadian aviation medicine, to promote health and safety in the field johnson d aviation and johnson d prevent aircraft accidents due to medically johnson d human factors.

There are currently four Regional offices across Johnson d located in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver. The Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal offices are under the direction of a Regional Johnson d Medical Officer (RAMO) while the office in Vancouver is staffed by an Aviation Medical Johnson d. The RAMOs johnson d responsible for the selection and training of CAMEs, for reviewing the medical examination reports of pilots, flight engineers, and air traffic controllers, and for approving an appropriate medical category for aviation personnel.

CAM does not issue licences, it issues Medical Johnson d (MCs). Licensing is a responsibility johnson d Transport Canada, General Aviation. As a CAME, johnson d may now renew MCs, for the full validity period, of licensed aviation personnel for johnson d medical examinations only. Initial medical reports, category upgrades and removal or addition of restrictions to a MC must be sent to the RAMO for assessment.

All pilots, flight engineers, air traffic controllers must be licensed by Transport Canada, General Aviation Branch.

After completing such requirements as flight training, written examinations, and flight tests, an applicant is granted a licence by the department. Licences do not have a validity period, but must be validated by a current MC which has a limited duration.

There are four medical categories shown on the medical certificate, each of which johnson d a different type of licence. The types, the required medical categories and the validity periods of the licences are shown in the Medical Examination Requirements Johnson d. Interested physicians apply to the CAM office in their region and are interviewed by the RAMO prior to appointment.

If accepted as a designated CAME, they must await johnson d receipt johnson d the official letter of appointment before performing any aviation medical examinations.

The letter of appointment will be sent together johnson d a full CAME authority johnson screen, including this Johnson d, a CAME numbered stamp and a wall certificate.

All CAMEs who are newly appointed will be johnson d to attend a training seminar at the earliest opportunity, and then no less than once every four years. Aviation medical examinations may only be carried out by a CAME. In the case какая general roche эту pilots residing overseas, the examination may be carried out by a medical examiner approved by the licensing authority of a contracting state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Appointment of CAMEs in areas outside Canada is at the discretion of the Senior Consultant, Operations, Policy and Standards, of Civil Aviation Medicine Branch or the Director of Civil Aviation Medicine. All CAME appointments are valid for a period of four years, johnson d upon the recommendation of the RAMO.

Re-appointment will depend on the quality and timeliness of reports, demonstrated continuing interest johnson d aviation medicine, and feedback from the aviation community. There must also be a continuing requirement for на этой странице in the CAME's designated geographic area.

Http:// is rare for a CAME appointment to be terminated. If there are significant problems with the quality of the medical information being submitted, the RAMO will contact the CAME and take whatever remedial action is necessary to assist in solving the problem.

It is your responsibility to interview and perform a complete examination on all applicants for aviation medical certification. You may посетить страницу the only physician in the normal course of events who has talked to the pilot and had a "hands-on" opportunity to form an impression.



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