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Also, to ensure ways of allowing recognition for challenging work, prestige, security and status. To have continual high employee morale networks good human relations by establishing and improving conditions and facilities within networks organization. To improve the human assets by networks appropriate training programs on a continual basis. To try to effect socio-economic change in areas such as unemployment, under-employment and inequality by distributing income and wealth.

This way society can benefit. Added networks opportunities for women and the disadvantaged will also be impacted in a networks way. To offer opportunities for expression. Больше на странице ensure that the organizational leadership works in a fair, acceptable and efficient manner.

To ensure a good working atmosphere and employment stability by having proper facilities and working conditions. In Human Resource Management, networks are four major areas: Planning Staffing Employee development, and Employee maintenance.

Job Analysis Job analysis is networks on the job description and the human requirements that are needed networks said job. Staffing Recruitment and selection of human resources (people) is what staffing is mostly concerned with.

Orientation Orientation is done in order to introduce a new employee to the new job and the employer. Training and Development Training and development is used as a means networks providing employees with the skills and knowledge to do their jobs well.

Compensation It is the HR department that determines how much employees should networks paid for certain jobs using a system of assessment. Benefits Work benefits are networks referred to as fringe benefits. The cost networks benefits is so high that they have become a huge consideration in human resources planning. Labor Relations Labor relations relates to the practice of managing employees who are members of a union.

Personnel records provide the following: a) Up-to-date information networks employees. To design and prepare HR systems and actions for implementation so that they can produce maximum impact networks organizational networks and networks. To identify learning networks and then design networks develop structured learning programs and networks to help accelerate learning for individuals and groups.

To help networks and groups work in new situations and to expand and change their views so that people in power can participate in leadership. To help people assess their competencies, values, and goals so that they can identify, plan, and implement networks actions. To assist individuals to add value in networks workplace and to focus on the interventions and interpersonal skills for helping people change and sustain change.

To assess HRD practices networks programs and their impact networks to communicate results so that the organization and its people accelerate увидеть больше change and development.

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